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Glimmerglass is far smaller and also younger, but they have the same goal: training the artists of tomorrow by enabling them to work under and play—in every sense—with the pros of today. The Innovators. Their ideas and the courage to follow them through, no matter how off-the-wall, controversial, or otherwise out of the box, keep us moving forward, spur us on to stay creative and keep the field of performing arts vital and exciting.

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The Move to Mobile:. Your audiences are mobile and are using their devices before, during! Is your mobile marketing, ticketing and programming meeting your customers' needs? We've chosen to highlight 45 music schools from our database of 1, music schools. We asked each of our picks for additional details, such as: audition requirements, post-graduate assistance programs, number of full time and adjunct faculty and number of scholarships awarded.

Audience Development. Growing Audiences: 7 Success Stories. As the digital entertainment options continue to explode, arts organizations are devising ever-more ingenious solutions for growing audiences and staying relevant. Here are how seven arts organizations are using new thinking, new programs and new media. Not to be missed. Special Feature: Our feature story reviews summer music programs that enable "grown-up" individuals to practice a favorite avocation, make friends, and, in many cases, enjoy the scenery. We've combed through our database of plus listings of national and international competitions to come up with a special list, chosen either by virtue of their prize monies, their prestige, their unusual nature, or a some combination of these attributes.

You'll find information on frequency, deadlines, disciplines, semifinals and finals dates, eligibility, awards options such as performances, management and recordings , and much more. Special Feature: We sat with mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton, recent Richard Tucker Award winner and someone on an astonishingly swift career trajectory, to try to find out her approach. Pretend it's just another job, she says, because "doing your job doesn't make your mouth go dry and your legs shake.

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You answered, with hundreds of nominees. Please join us in celebrating the Musical America The Influencers. Publishing 2. The Move Toward Digital.

The move toward delivery and use of digital music scores and music notation software has gained enormous speed since our first Special Report on the subject last year. Discover what major organizations and innovators are doing. A Guide to Music Schools. The editors have selected top schools from the 1, educational institutions in our database and contacted each to gather key information, such as admissions and audition requirements, financial and tuition information, post-graduate assistance programs, and number of full time and adjunct faculty.

The promise has been there for a while: streaming your live performances to a vastly expanded worldwide audience. But only recently have all the elements come together, such as Internet speed, ecommerce tools, reduced video creation costs and audience comfort with the digital streaming medium. Is it time to take a serious leap into live digital streaming? Musical America asked the bellwethers how they did it and interviewed experts to discover the best ways to get started and where the pitfalls are. It would be interesting to compare our reporting from those days with this report; many of the mature destinations—Tanglewood, Aspen, Marlboro—are still very much alive and kicking, changing with the tides but true to their core missions.

View the Guide online and access the festivals database or. We also called on our trusty U. So, we have:. The Guide to Top Competitions. The top competitions worldwide and key information for each: eligibility, deadlines, prizes, categories, locations, juries and more. Also, we asked author, pianist, and well-travelled jury member Stuart Isacoff to write about his own experiences behind the closed doors of jury deliberations and to discuss some of the different ways competitions are judged. Profiles in Courage. We recently asked the worldwide performing arts community to nominate 30 people who have "taken a risk, spoken out where others were silent—all to the measurable benefit of their arts organizations and the field.

For the Musical. These are the risk-takers and innovators. It's about data, timing and of course social media. Community Engagement: 5 Cool Case Studies. In Cool Case Studies, we focus on five organizations doing just that, in ways we think are particularly inventive.

Music Publishing: Copyright DeMystified. After all, the proper use of artistic works is one of the bedrocks of the business as well as for fostering creativity. It also keeps everyone on the right side of the law.

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Festivals: A Summer Guide. The Musical America editors have taken a slightly different approach than in our past Summer Festivals previews: the information has been provided by the festivals themselves in response to questionnaires emailed to festivals painstakingly culled from the more than 1, North American and international events in the MA database.

The Moment: Turning Points in. For some exceptional performers and business notables, success has followed a path filled with wrong turns, lucky breaks, crises of the psyche—or all of the above. Here are the stories of five of those extraordinary careers. From Ask Edna — Sage advice from:. Directors, presenters, marketers, executives, administrators--these are the luminaries, both in front and behind the scenes, who relentlessly strive to innovate and expand the performing arts while keeping their organizations healthy.

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The recording landscape has been transformed by technology's relentless march forward. Still, achieving success in whatever side of the business you are on—producing, selling, distributing, even buying recordings—means navigating the recording labyrinth. Social Marketing: Blueprint for Success in the Arts. Social marketing is now a critical business tool—and requires a businesslike approach. What is your strategy and ROI? Are your efforts organized for greatest impact?

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What can you learn from other successful operators? Mobile Marketing: The Arts in Motion. The stunning growth of mobile—and the way audiences have embraced it—point to one thing: mobile is vibrant and lucrative and will reward performing arts organizations that target audiences through innovative, relevant marketing.


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Fundraising: Keys to the Cashbox. Fundraising is a performing art requiring creativity, skill, and discipline. In this Special Report, we look at successful efforts, some of the pitfalls, and how to leverage social media for ongoing fundraising success. Ticketing: The New Age. It used to be simple: sell the ticket, fill the house, earn the income, end of story. Not anymore.

The sale is now the start of a far more personalized relationship with your customer. We explore the needed technology, skills and methods. We took a look back at and a peek ahead at Read about the most important news stories in , the year's movers and shakers, some of the best decisions made, and predictions for from some of the industry's leaders.

Rising Stars in the Performing Arts. These professionals bring something truly special to booking, presenting, promoting, educating and raising money. Musical America's Rising Stars—the ones to watch. Visas: The Journey to the U. Obtaining visas for non-U.