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Co van Kessel Bicycle- and Boat tours Bangkok

If the national anthem suddenly begins to play, be prepared to stand in silence for the duration. That said, there are lots of great camping opportunities in Thailand. Almost all national parks have campgrounds. Wats are ever-present and easy to find and we never heard of anyone being turned away. Do you really want to go bushwhacking off the road knowing that you could step on a python at any moment?

The great news is that accommodation in Thailand is plentiful, clean, and cheap.

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Even in the most remote corners, wherever you cycle in Thailand, you will almost always find an acceptable place to stay the night. On the outskirts of most towns in the north, we found mini resorts which were a collection of little cabins usually centred around a swimming pool. Ideal accommodation for hot and sweaty cycle tourists. Just make sure to check ahead to see if they are OK with you bringing your bikes inside! On the southern peninsula, we loved Anurak Community Lodge , a great place in the middle of the jungle not far from Surat Thani. If you opt for self-guided cycle tour of Thailand with Grasshopper Adventures , they book all your accommodation ahead of time, so all you have to do is pedal the bike!

Many cycle tourists rave about Thailand as a bike touring destination.

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Where Cambodia and Laos have bumpy red dirt tracks or pothole-ridden asphalt, Thailand has endless miles of perfect smooth blacktop. If you end up on a main road in Thailand, which is sometimes unavoidable, prepare for hundreds of pickups careening by your elbow at top speeds.

Plan your routes to avoid the main arteries when you can. Another irritating quirk of Thai roads is that they often have a median down the middle, complete with a fence or barrier that is too high to lift a fully loaded bike over.

The other option is to ride the wrong direction in the shoulder of the road. It can be highly irritating and sometimes dangerous! It is on roads like these that all our most magical Thailand cycle touring moments happened. Aside from the crazy traffic, there are not many serious dangers when cycling touring Thailand.

There is a small risk of being pickpocketed or robbed, but it is lower than it would be in most European countries.

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Scams are more common, especially if you visit extremely touristy areas and are trying to take a tuk tuk or taxi. Thailand has a LOT of stray dogs. They gather in packs along the roadsides and roam the alleyways. Usually, these dogs are a tired, lazy bunch, who will barely lift their heads as you cycle by. Any problems with dogs comes from guard dogs. Many Thai farms and homes keep a dog or two out front, trained to bark and growl at passersby. Occasionally, these dogs take their duties a little too seriously and come out to the road to give chase.

bangkok’s original bicycle tour...

When this happens, my heart always leaps to my throat, but they usually give up before the make contact. There is rabies in Thailand and there was an outbreak in early , so if you do get bitten by a dog, make sure to get medical attention as soon as you can. After I contracted malaria in Laos cured in Thailand and dengue fever in Bali and southern Thailand, I can attest to the danger of a stray mosquito bite at the wrong time.

For the rest of the country, wear repellent every day, especially in populous areas, to prevent getting dengue. Though dengue is unlikely to kill you unless you ignore the symptoms entirely and keep cycling , it can knock you flat for a week or two, which will put a major damper on your Thailand cycle tour! Wild monkeys at the side of the road are usually shy and wary of humans.

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At least, that is our general reaction to monkeys. In touristy areas, like Lopburi , you need to be more cautious about monkeys. They are used to humans and will try to steal your water bottles, snacks, and anything else shiny you might have on you. The main danger comes from monkeys who are not scared of humans.

Never feed them, tease them, or engage with them. If one does jump up on you, stay calm. Just tilt your arm or shoulder towards the ground until the monkey hops down. If you get bitten, seek medical help right away , because monkeys can carry rabies, too. As cycle tourists, we are more likely to go wandering off into grassy areas and overgrown areas.

In Thailand, that can be a very bad idea! Thailand also has other venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, scorpions, and centipedes. We walk through this small community and stop at the slum kindergarten. The very poorest children receive education here while their parents are working. Visiting slum areas makes you remind that life is not that easy for everyone.

SLOVAKIA – Cycling Tour

Recreational Bangkok Biking wanted to help to make this place a little bit better and in we made the decision to sponsor this kindergarten. Here we board a typical Thai longtail boat to cross the mighty Chao Phraya river. We cycle on elevated pathways through lush vegetation and in the shade of coconut palms and banana trees. Recognize any plants from home?

Halfway the tour we stop at a local restaurant and provide a small Thai meal, Pad Thai Thai noodles or Khao Pad fried rice. After our meal we visit a very old, non-touristy Buddhist temple.

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The guide will tell you everything about this temple and about Buddhism in general. Unfortunately, time has come to return to the pier where we take a short boat ride back to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok again. Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand and its origin dates back several hundred years. Participants on our Colors of Bangkok bicycle tour will learn and see how daily life passes by for Bangkokians.

We set out a route which is traffic free for the majority, so you can fully enjoy the ride and the surroundings.

enter The pace is relaxed and we make enough stops for taking pictures, explanation of sights, something to drink and relax.