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Dragons and Butterflies By: Gordon Simpson. Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title.

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Dragons, Butterflies and Buddha. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Our Awards Booktopia's Charities.

Item Added:. The focus of the book is on the warring over the kingdoms, etc. Sound like your book? I know those books backwards and forwards. The relationship sounds a little similar to the main characters, but those two are never allowed to sleep in the same tent, let alone the same bed. I'm not sure if these are the books the poster is looking for.

They're definitely NOT for children I would put them in the mature category, but the two main human characters are a man and a woman who are betrothed to each other, even though their families are enemies. They spend the three books going on a Great Quest, and they not only start off sleeping with a naked sword between the two of them, but Zohra the girl tries to kill Khardan The pantheon of the Gods is involved, as well as Angels, Wizards, Djin one of whom is named Pukah and demons.

This person might also be remembering a portion of one in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series. Of course, they end up falling madly in love. I can't remember what happens next, I do know that he becomes the god of War This person is definitely NOT talking the Belgariad or the Mallorean although those series certainly merit a reading Tamora Pierce, Alanna.

I don't remember the exact episode described, but could this be one of the books in the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce? She wants to be a knight so originally poses as a boy. After that romance does come into her relationship with her male companion. Tamora Pierce, Song of the Lioness Alanna series.

This is NOT the answer to this stumper - I just read the Alanna series and she isn't betrothed to anyone, nor does she sleep with a sword between her and soneome else. Jennifer Roberson , Sword Dancer. Might this be the first book of Jennifer Roberson's Sword Dancer series?

She doesn''t trust him in the beginning of the story but eventually they fall in love. The sword in the middle of the bed rings a bell with me, and this is the first book I thought of upon reading that detail in the summary submitted by the original poster Rosemary Sutcliff , Song for a Dark Queen, Song for a Dark Queen by Rosemary Sutcliff doesn't fit this description terribly well, except for the fact that Boudicca Boadicea , married unwillingly, puts her father's sword on the bed between herself and her new husband.

Eventually, when she finds that she loves him, the sword is put outside the door. Perhaps the searcher is mixing this episode with the story from another book or not - it may well be in the other book, but I thought it couldn't hurt to submit this. Right on the tip of my tongue. Wonderful poem.

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Well, the date's right, anyway, maybe - Chipper, by Hortense Flexner , illustrated by Wyncie King, published Stokes Chipper was the member of a family who believed in giants and did not trouble to store up supplies for winter. That is, until he had tamed his giant animal who gave him sunflower seeds to carry away in his pouches. While Chipper was sure he had tamed his giant friend, the human giants felt the same way about him.

An entertaining story for pet lovers, well illustrated. Scatter, the baby in the chipmunk family, is always in trouble. However, a little girl looks after him. Chuffy, Chirpy and Cheeky get into trouble for frightening Mr. Wren's chicks. Cheeky is wrongly accused and is sent to bed without supper. When the truth is learned, Cheeky's mother brings him a big bowl of ice cream, and he is later asked to "babysit" the Wren chicks.

Hope this helps! Toby Chipmunk is an early reader which I read in a Wisconsin one-room schoolhouse in the late forties - it's extremely difficult to find I finally did get a copy and not cheap! It's about talking, clothes-wearing chipmunk children who live with Grandma Chipmunk in her house in a hollow tree trunk. A delightful little book.

The Butterfly

Daniel Cohen , mid-late 70's. I had that book also. Can't recall the title offhand, but Daniel Cohen wrote several similar books during this period and they often appear on eBay. I can tell you it is NOT Supermonsters. If M is indeed a Daniel Cohen book, it's probably his Monsters, Giants and Little Men from Mars -- the date is right, and apparently this one does cover Mothman; not sure about the other beasties listed in question.


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I do have vague memories of it starting with finding a diary. M musical notation characters: this is probably too early and too long, but just in case, Prince Melody of Music Land, written by Elizabeth Simpson , illustrated by Mary Virginia Martin, published by Knopf , pages, hardbound book that measures 5.

I have seen one illustration from this, the picture shows a witchy type with caption: "My name is Treble Clef" she piped. It's a romantic fairy tale that takes place in Wales in the 11th century the Norman invasion. Two lovers seek a place of permanent refuge and there's a beautiful island that they can only see from a certain point on the mainland - when they move, the isle magically disappears.

A clever servant figures out that the only way to keep the isle in sight and thus reach it is to take the "vantage point" with them! A scientific expedition goes to an island with some of the children of the scientists and all the stuff of fairytales - elves, mermaids, etc. I have the hardcover, and it has a pale blue cover. The most remarkable thing about it was that it was always Today on Fairwater. Scarcely less remarkable was its Princess Tiran who had suddenly appeared when Lorn the old magician was experimenting with a spell called 'How to Make Girls out of Air.

The imaginative pictures make it a lovely book. But never to an island that was only a dot marked with an X on a hand-drawn map. And certainly never with as secretive a leader as Dr. Moody Murk, who had already found the bones of a little manlike creature, unknown to science, and who was fanatically looking for the discovery of a lifetime. Ryan was especially curious about Dr. Murk's hoped-for scientific coup when he saw the ship the old man had charteredstrangely like a pirate vessel. And even more curious were the scientist's carefully guarded research soucesstrangely like fairy tale volumes!

The boy in that goes to a magical island with a sunken forest, where he meets Robin Goodfellow and Pan, as well as dangers of various kinds. M magic island: another possible is Children's Island, written and illustrated by Richard G.

  1. The Virgin Mary Mother of God: Blessed Above All Women.
  2. Sheffield, England.

Robinson, published Dent , pages. His teacher puzzles but his mother accepts. In the tool shed his mind takes him on a journey to the island of tigers and children where realism is confined to the crotchety old Grumkin who is as far away as can be and where the evil monster Vambatta awaits destruction at his hands.

The plot sounds like The Never-ending Story by Michael Ende, but the main character in that is a young boy, Bastien, and it was first published in the US in It's a common enough plot device, though. Could it be the Thomas Covenant series by Stephen Donaldson? The protagonist is a leper shunned by his neighbors, cast off by his wife who takes their baby son with her.

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He falls and hits his head and wakes up in "The Land" -- a beautiful country with giants and magic, but loomed over by evil Lord Foul, whom Thomas is summoned to conquer -- his white gold wedding ring plays a large part in the series. The narrator and her young brother are taken in by their estranged father's family after their mother vanishes. The brother is favoured, but Daphne is never accepted and is brought up largely by the black servants. Like most Rhodesians of the time, the family is more English than the English, and they reject her partly because they think she may have native blood.

It may be too recent, though. M sounds awfully familiar Do we know what the time period is? Thank you for your prompt response! I really appreciate your help. The two possible answers given aren't correct. If I remember correctly, the time period the book was set in would probably be the 's, or there about. I even emailed CBS, but of course they never responded to my query. I'll keep checking back. Thank you again for your wonderful service! This might be it! Memories of an Africa Childhood by Elspeth Huxley.

A famous book I believe.

This was made into a movie in recent times, I remember catching a glimpse of it. I thought it was on PBS. Haley Mills, an adult, had a part. This isn't The Flame Trees of Thika.