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That strongly.

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This takes place between books 3 and 4 and yes, again, you should read it. He was more than just a shelter. Aiden was my other half, my equal. But when life gives you one seriously ticked off god gunning for your ass, you prepare for war and you hope for paradise. The last instalment of the Covenant series, Sentinel, definitely kept all the good and enjoyable things I praised when reviewing the previous books.

But specifically: SASS. His main character is Seth and a new heroine — who you will want to hug and be besties with. You also get glimpses of all of the main characters from the Covenant series. So, for the ones that not only fell irrevocably in love with Seth, but missed some sexy action in Covenant, you have to immediately add this series to your TBR. Warning : Seth is his typical self, and yes he is shirtless most of the time. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer Instagram has returned invalid data.

Looking for something? MP3 CD. Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Items related to Elixir: A Covenant Novella. Elixir: A Covenant Novella. Publisher: Tantor Audio , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Aiden St. About the Author : Jennifer L.

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Review : "Readers will love this brief glimpse into her world, even as they wish it lasted just a little longer. Hated what they meant and stood for. Your strength is admirable—beautiful. It is who you are. My chest tightened and the words spilled out of my mouth beforeI could stop them. I love you too much to 32 Elixirlose you. I sucked in a breath, too astonished to feel or think anything other thanthe fact that her eyes were brown—warm, whiskey brown.

Her eyes were brown. My heart stopped. It… hurts. With my heart in my throat, I started to let up, but then her eyesopened again and I wanted to rage. Golden eyes stared back into mine. Alex went wild underneath me.

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The erratic mix of emotions funneling inside me made it hard to waitthis out. Hope crashed and burned into barb-tipped disappointment thateventually gave way to anger. Alex was in there and she was hurting. Even with the lack of food and sleep, it still took a godsawful amountof time for her to tire herself out. She thrashed, screamed, kicked andeven tried to bite me.

But finally, she grew weary and was panting. Hurting me like this?

Make you feel all big and bad? The damngirl was going to hurt herself. Armentrout Her eyes narrowed. Not one smartass comment.


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The tip of her tonguedarted out, wetting her lips. I could tell she had something entirelyinfuriating to say but was holding back.

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Block him. I swear. I need him, Aiden. Not you. Just let me go. Aiden, please make it stop. And there was only one way I could make it stop. I knew right then, as much as it tore me apart, there was no otherchoice. Leaning down, I placed a kiss against her damp temple and closedmy eyes. A second—only a second—passed, and I soaked up herwarmth and the moment of closeness without her fighting me.

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Then shejerked her head to the side and said something too horrible to really evenacknowledge. Lifting myself off her, I rose to my feet and backed off,leaving the cell. Alex remained on the mattress, not bothering to rush the door as Ilocked it. I stood there, watching her, knowing that what I was about todo had nothing to do with my duty to humanity or to my own kind.

There was only one way I could make it stop. The sweettangy scent reminded me of Alex. Hell, everything reminded me of Alex. She was right about one thing last night. I was obsessed. Apollo cut to the chase.

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So had I. Weary and bone-tired, I scrubbed myhand over my rough cheek.

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Man, I needed to shave. Exhaling roughly, my eyes narrowed. I cleared my suddenly dry throat. The words were hard to get mytongue to form. What sounded like a series of champagne corks shattered thesilence.

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  • The air was sucked out of the room as I spun toward thecrackling sound. A shimmery blue dust formed in the rays of sunlight. Each particle shined like a sapphire. They came together quickly, as ifdrawn to become whole. Within seconds, a woman stood before us. Armentrout Swathed in blue silk robes that clung to her curves, the goddesstipped her golden head back. Long, thick curls fell to her waist as shedrifted toward Apollo with a twitch in her hips.

    There was something seriously wrong with me. Or perhaps I was just too focused on what she held in her delicate-looking hands—an ancient-looking porcelain pitcher engraved with ahateful symbol. A circle with a slash through it—the mark of servitude. That was quick.

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    It was eerie seeing how in-the-know the gods could be when they wanted. Immediately I disliked her,but I forced my expression blank. She handed Apollo the pitcher and then turned toward me, her liptipping up at one corner before facing Apollo again. You will need to finish with the compulsion. Already it was flowingthrough my thoughts. My stomach rolled. The goddess moved away from Apollo, returning to the center ofthe room. It will shut downall of her Apollyon powers, therefore breaking the bond. She will be…different. The… girl will know who she is on the most basiclevel, but no more. Takingin a deep breath, I clasped my hands behind my back.