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Murphy did film the scenes, but they were cut from the official print before the movie was even released and have now disappeared without a trace. Aside from disrupting plot continuity, their loss also robs the film of highly significant thematic value. Most available prints of the film for the following six decades were the ones altered for urban markets and thus, for better or worse, bore no trace of this charged dialogue. Perhaps memories of these early complaints have prevented The Emperor Jones from being more widely recognized as a significant African-American film, despite being made by white artists.

Its success was especially noteworthy for transcending the controversy surrounding the play with a credible and commanding performance by John Douglas Thompson as Jones. The play has encountered resistance in the academy as well.

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Worthen, included The Emperor Jones in its unit on American drama. The Emperor Jones was a film badly in need of restoration since its original length of 80 minutes was almost immediately cut down upon release by censors to 72 minutes. A complete restoration may never be possible, but the new version has restored over three minutes of previously lost material. See Saxena et al for an exhaustive account of the Library of Congress restoration process and the current condition of the film. His assassination was quickly avenged by President Woodrow Wilson, who ordered a Marine occupation of Haiti that ended up lasting 19 years Delson n.

Arguably, Murphy and Heyward added not one, but two acts. When production on the film began in May , Franklin Roosevelt had only been in office for two months and his New Deal programs had yet to be implemented. Louis Blues Delson Another southern playwright of the era interested in black subjects, Paul Green, made a mark with his protest play against chain gangs, Hymn to the Rising Sun, produced by the Federal Theatre Project in Both MacQueen and Saxena trace the various cuts and changes in more detail.

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Further interference may have come from producer William C. New York: Bard, Cripps, Thomas. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Delson, Susan. Dudley Murphy: Hollywood Wild Card.

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  1. The Emperor Jones.
  2. That Awkward Age.

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