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Detective short story revolving around poisoning and life-insurance fraud.

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A story of a lonely man who decides to start a club, where the members would read out their stories to others. A short story of how Mrs. Lirriper and her friend send stories to her son at school.

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A short story first published in in All the Year Round magazine. Collection of short stories - Public Life Of Mr. Collection of short tales revolving around Victorian railway station.

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Rich collection of short pieces presenting a variety of scenes and characters. Collection of short stories focusing on couples. A parody of social relations between the sexes.

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Sarcastic and humorous work describing various types of Victorian young gentlemen - dedicated to the young ladies. Story about a waiter who stumbles upon some luggage and tries to identify its owner. A political tract that was written as a protest against a law that would prohibit all work and all recreation on Sunday.

A novella published in as one of the Christmas stories, portraying the struggles of daily lives. A Christmas morality tale about self-respect and the consequences of the choices we make.


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