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During the 17 years of their marriage, Joseph and Emma Smith endured many hardships. Joseph traveled extensively for the Church and was often obliged to find safety among friends to avoid angry mobs or numerous legal harassments. While he was away, Joseph and Emma wrote consistently to one another, and though only some of those letters have survived, their content and the context in which they were written tell a powerful story.

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Despite the extraordinary and challenging circumstances Joseph and Emma suffered on behalf of their faith, the deep and abiding love they felt for each other and for their children never failed them. Joseph frequently wrote of his love and affection for Emma and his children. I hope God will give you strength that you may not faint. I pray God to soften the hearts of those around you to be kind to you and take the burden off your shoulders as much as possible.

Emma did not always have notice before Joseph was forced to leave home to escape illegal arrests or mob action. Tell them that Father is yet alive. When measles afflicted one of the boarders in her Kirtland, Ohio, home, Emma was particularly anxious.

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You must remember them, for they all remember you, and I could hardly pacify Julia and Joseph when they found out you were not coming home soon. Intrepid travelers, lovers, and family We have arrived. From Threshold CavanKerry Press, Used with the permission of the author.

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Every clean strand of weave becomes a question. How many burritos can one make in a continuous day?

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