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Reprinted by permission of the Estate of Pat Lowther. The Pat Lowther Memorial Award was first given out in One brilliant example can be found in the Cueva de las Manos in Argentina , estimated to be between 9, and 13, years old.

Skip to main content. A Stone Diary. They were dilettantes. By the turn of the week I was madly in love with stone. Do you know how beautiful it is to embrace stone to curve all your body against its surfaces?



Dive in:. What does the speaker say about that love? How is she affected by it? How has she been changed? You might notice the poem charting a passage of time and the progression of this love.

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Invite students to tell how Willy and his grandfather feel about the land and how each of Willy's decisions is based on his ultimate goal: to keep the land so that his grandfather will take heart and get well. At the conclusion, students can respond via a Discussion Web to the problems raised when Willy wins the race at the expense of Searchlight's life.

Copy the Discussion Web below on the chalkboard and invite students to discuss the issues and fill out the web. Invite students to work as partners. Six cooperative learning groups can first research the six chief ranges of the Rockies, then contribute their findings to a bulletin board which describes the ranges in pictures and captions. Introduce the activity by explaining that the Rockies are the largest mountain system in North America. The chain is more than miles long, and about miles wide in some places. You may wish to point out that in the United States the Rockies form the Continental Divide: rivers flow from the western slopes to the Pacific Ocean, and from the eastern slopes to the Atlantic.

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Write the following list on the chalkboard and invite volunteers to identify the ranges on a topographical map as you read the list:. Suggest that each cooperative learning group choose one of the six ranges for its project. Group assignments can include the following:.

The Stone Diaries

Groups can share their work with the class by contributing it to a Rocky Mountains bulletin board. Under that head, display a construction paper silhouette of the Rockies from north to south. Working through the six ranges from south to north, groups can appoint spokespersons to attach the pictures and labels to either side of the silhouette, telling the class about each feature as they do so. Literature and Writing What If Stories Invite students to write paragraphs telling what might have happened if various events had taken a different turn, or if characters had made other choices.

Add their suggestions to the board list.

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Examples are: What if the banker had not let Willy withdraw his saving from the bank? What if Stone Fox had not let Willy win? What if Searchlight had not died? What if Grandfather decided to sell the farm? After students have shared their work with the class, put the paragraphs and pictures in a folder on a reading table for students to read and discuss with a partner.

Invite interested students to make up word problems loosely based on the story materials, for example: the number of potatoes Willy and Searchlight can plow in certain periods of time; the amount of money Willy and Grandfather can save or earn; the distance a Malamute and Searchlight can pull a sled in a certain number of minutes. You might also give students access to a road map of Wyoming and adjoining states and invite them to make up problems that involve using the distance scale on the map or the labels that indicate the altitudes of landforms.

Ask students to present their word problems to the class, and encourage the problem-solvers to explain how they arrived at their answers. Then put the word problems in a folder in the math center for students to solve on their own. Create a List. List Name Save. Rename this List. Rename this list. List Name Delete from selected List.

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