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Exotic pets can be great. Sure, it probably falls more under hobby or pastime. So yes, The Dude is great, but I am still no further ahead on my own pet tarantula.

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It would have to be a female name — female tarantulas live much, much longer. My wife simply will not budge on this issue. As the book points out, we are given two ears and only one mouth. Do I understand what my spouse is saying to me?

Uncle Milton rc tarantula - Redlily

Do I know what my spouse wants from me? Don't worry, animal lovers - the tarantula didn't get squished or flushed down the toilet. In the caption, Nicole revealed she let it go free. Or maybe, after being married to Tom Cruise for eleven years, she can handle anything. In the comment section, some celebrities posted reactions.

My worst nightmare!!!

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Protecting you You'll never sleep again, Lily! So, if you ever see a massive spider at home, call Nicole Kidman.

She's not just an Oscar-winning actress; she's a tarantula wrangler. To move on to the bird-eating tarantulas however—surprise!

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My family has owned goliath bird-eating tarantulas before! To be honest? The worst thing you have to worry about when it comes to them is how their hair can cause irritation to your skin upon handling.

[フル] Fire Lily「やさしいKISSで答えて feat. Tarantula from スポンテニア」

More so, scorpions are nocturnal. If you get stung by a scorpion while asleep in the middle of the day, that is one hell of a feat. As a snake owner, one who lives on the east coast that you so lovingly mentioned, I have a lot of experience with both wild and captive species of snakes. To clear up some of the old myths, snakes are not, as people have clearly been lead to believe, flying death tentacles determined to end you and your kin.


Nicole Kidman captures massive tarantula by her swimming pool in new Instagram video

Seriously, snakes want to be left alone. No one has ever been attacked by a coyote, asleep or awake.

This is seriously an over-exaggeration of how bad these guys are.