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Sorry Jack.

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Regular Jack is sweeter. This to me tastes like Hennessey. No banana taste other reviews state. No Carmel A paint thinner aroma, with a full, oily, smooth texture. A lot of banana flavour with a hint of the oak barrels it was aged in.

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A pleasant sipping whiskey, allow it to roll over your tongue and enjoy it! My regular go to whiskey. A very clear and beautiful colour Whiskey. Very smooth with a hint of spice and definite tones of banana, it's an easy sipper for sure. This is my current favorite whisky. I drink it in a mason jar filled with ice. Very smooth yet still has that classic JD flavor. I love it I think it's a great fairly priced whiskey one of my favorites also regardless of price. Either I got three bottles in a row or it tastes bad. It is better to mix it with any pop like Pepsi.

I'll stick with jd old number 7 or number 8 George Dickel. I'm relatively new to Whiskey but I've tried quite a few in the last year. GJ is smooth, easy to drink and I really like the flavor. I like a long pour in the evening as an alternative to having a craft IPA beer or two. Very relaxing, taste great and less filling! Just an improvement on no. Find it really complex and alive after sipping a dram of dahlwhinnies lovely chilled out roughness beforehand.

Got me back into whisky over lager and wine atm as well so would say sound for a casual drink but nothing spectacular, as I say though, excellent casual or "every day" spirit. Really having a hard time with the poor reviews. On one hand I'm ok with it if the demand is low the price will be too. However if it's too low and people really take these reviews as the gods honest truth we wouldn't see it on the shelves much longer.

I love this whiskey. Its so smooth. I find it best consumed on a hot day. Glass filled with ice and Gentleman poured to the top. Swirl for a second and enjoy. Some have stated that this is an ok sipping dram. I partially bought it for that purpose.

Maybe my palate is not working right, but to me, this is the worst I have ever tasted. I have no words to describe how awful this fluid tastes. As a mixer it's a completely different animal. The sweetnes and several pleasant aromas rises when this goes into Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour or just Coke.

So three stars for it's mixing quality and minus one for the fluid itself makes two stars total. Having said that preempting someone's categorizations below I gave JD an honest try, because I wanted to like it. I bought a sampler of No. Tasted them neat, room temperature, from a Glencairn glass. Found them all to be varying expressions of vanilla flavored superglue.

Lower abv than good bourbons yet very harsh and solventy with little flavor or interest. Even a few BIB within the price range. Jack Daniels I'll actually refuse a free dram. Easy enough to drink straight. Very smooth, but there isn't much to it. Makes a good mixer. I'm not a fan of the black label its too sour but this is ok. Not my first choice but fair enough for what it costs.


I think it is a classical Jack Daniels except it finishes smoother and with definite vanilla scent. Not citrusy at all. Not a fan of original jack. But I love this kind. Mixes good with cola.

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Very nice. If you don't like no7, you should try this one, cause it's a bit smoother and more mellow. Flavour is simple and enjoyable. Even I'm a fan of Glenfiddich, I like this one. Tried a shot on ice for the first time, found it smooth and slightly warming. Flavor is simple and enjoyable. Not as smooth as high end brandy per se, so it takes you back at first until you have allowed yourself to accept it on it's own merits. Easy to allow this one as a new addition to your options list.

Worth trying. A pleasant and dry palate set it apart from many of the sweeter American whiskies. The bitter Amaro notes remind me of an Amaro Braulio. Colour: Dark golden wheat Nose: woody, oak, pine needle, smoky, caramelized sugar, very herbal and minty mouthwash , medicinal, charcoal, sweet. Palate: Sour, semi-sweet, medicinal, oaky, sage, tart herbs, peppermint, vanilla bean, mineral notes, some faint leather, tobacco smoke, bandages, iodine, burnt popcorn, amaro liqueur, liqourice.

Finish: More sour woody medicinal notes linger on, warming, peppercorn, more amaro liqueur flavors, dry cherry, dry raspberry, faint banana, lots of mint and herbs. Mouthfeel: Creamy, sloshy, medium body. Generally thought it was a sort of amateur Jack Daniels for those who refuse to purchase single barrel In that way you get all of taste of a no 7 with a delicate smoothness that allows you to taste the smoke oak and honey that really makes this come alive.

Above all best Jack Daniels available, whenever some place is out of Gentleman Jack they try to substitute single barrel or some other high end Jack and nothing compares. Since I started drinking whiskey a few years ago I always like trying something new. I'm by no means an expert with a sophisticated pallet but I can tell the difference between well crafted and aged whiskey and lesser quality offerings.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Old #7 and Gentleman Jack - The Whiskey Dictionary

I picked up a bottle of Gentleman Jack hoping for a better than average experience. The first sip was sweet with a slight smoky taste and I was pleasantly surprised, until the finish kicked in. I keep coming back to see if I was having a bad day but nope, it's pretty harsh.

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A little ice cuts the burn but also weakens the sweetness. It's probably ok as a mixer but a little pricey for that.

Gentleman Jack

I'm not a JD guy but I do respect their select I had this bottle sitting for over a year, don't even know what I paid for it so money wasn't a consideration in this review. I didn't even know if this ranked above or below the JD7. So it's just a whiskey and whisky lover with willingness to like a new whiskey. One the nose, different so I'm excited, a bit mild so I'm wondering am I missing something. Second serving I can smell some fruitiness. On the palette, inviting at first, smooth, you can taste some extra sweetness from the caramel and the honey.

It's not smokey but now I know understand that it was the charcoal filteration that introduces another taste. After taste is bitter, disappointing, puts you off the charcoal filteration. Neat was the best, with some water it gets worse.