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You can check it out on the In The Works page. I hate the cover. I think the model is ugly and that it doesn't look anything like a paranormal romanThe hero is way too tan to be a vampire and looks far more like an ugly cownly than a sexy vampire. I'm hoping they'll change it. I'm still hoping to write one more Morgan Creek book. I've started three different stories, but I wasn't happy with any of them, so I set ithe idea aside for the moment. I'm still hoping to write a new western one of these days, but my Muse refuses to cooperate!

If you're interested, please email me at DarkWritr aol. No material on this website can be copied or downloaded for commercial use without the written permission of the copyright holder.

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Available Now in stores and on Amazon. She loves sucking her thumb, i even thought its the reason shes caughing so hard lately. Its been about 3 weeks now. She doesnt caugh all the time, maybe twice a day or so, but when its starts…. It just keeps going on, im confused coz shes not sick. She eats well, drinks well, plays well and very active. Last week took her to the paediatrician who prescribed a few meds, listened to her chest and said she may have a murmur then further suggested a heart doctor who did and ultra sound and found nothing.

Hi Sadia! Thank you for contacting me! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Share Tweet Pin. Name Email. Cara does not know it for some reason her parents doen't figure it out early enough but there is someone out for revenge on this family and Cara is their initial target. Dec 04, Missyb rated it really liked it. Much better then the first book in the series about her parents. Mara is mysterious and a great character, she plays a bigger role in the next books in the series. Nice twist at the end, and a happy ending.

May 27, Djina rated it it was amazing. This book was really thrilling! After reading the first book of the series, this one brought it up a notch. Brenna and Roshan's daughter grow up to be an adult and although overprotected by her parents, decides to explore The Nocturne. There she will meet Anton Anthony's son. Returning the next night, she'll stumble upon Vince which will stir her emotions.

She knows he's the one. However, Anton has other plans for her. This book will bring you sadness, joy, laughter and more! Bonne lecture! Feb 13, Marie-Josee Larouche rated it it was amazing. A beautiful transition from Night's Kiss! Picks up right where it left off. A thrilling,fun, and exciting novel! With lots of surprises and twists. Love it to bits!


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S - Sorry for such a short review and comment, my computer is really bad, I wrote a nice long review only for my computer to restart and lose everything, and I don't have the patience to retype everything right now. Oct 20, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: april-challenge. This was a great story, it had the perfect mix of romance and mystery and the characters are so likeable.

I especially loved the ending of the book, what a sweet surprise! I've really enjoyed this series so far and can't wait to read more. Feb 22, Maria marked it as to-read. My Night Series: 1.

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Night's Kiss 2. Night's Touch 3. Night's Master 4. Night's Pleasure Other Misc. Series: 1. Shades of Gray 2.

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After Sundown 3. Desire After Dark Everlasting Series: 1. Everlasting Kiss 2. Everlasting Desire. Apr 06, Margaret Ushman rated it really liked it Shelves: vampires.

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I liked this book. I think its a good continuation of the first book. The idea of Vince being able to have children because he was made by the oldest vampire and that he is young is an appealing idea. I was just upset that Frank died, I linked him. Overall this book was good. Dec 08, Sarah rated it really liked it. Once again I liked Amanda's book. She is a good writer and I will be looking for more by her. May 19, Haylie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone. Shelves: romance , vampire-books. An awesome sequel to Night's Kiss! Absolutly loved it!!!!!!!

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Feb 13, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: vampire. Over pages and I read it in an afternoon! Great vampire love story. Light and fresh, minus the gore. Oct 12, Regina Morris rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this series by Amanda Ashley. It was the first set of books I read from her, and I'll be reading more. An amazing book filled with romance, drama, revenge, and lies.

With every page you turn a new surprise is found. Feb 25, Danielle added it. Not bad. There was nothing to make it really stand out. There was some good parts in it. Wasn't awesome, but better than watching tv. Jul 24, DaNela rated it it was amazing. Dec 31, Wlfgrl rated it it was amazing. May 27, Raina rated it liked it. Ok, this book was totally cornball, yet I really enjoyed it.

It was light and fun story about a woman who was adopted as a newborn and raised by vampires. However, she was never told that her parents are vampires. They always wanted to tell her but never really found the right time. When she starts dating and subsequently falls in love with a man who happens to also be a vampire her parents begin to worry.

The plot thickens when, around the same time, she also meets and casually dates another ma Ok, this book was totally cornball, yet I really enjoyed it.