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In addition to the work he does with Old Ways, Jeffrey is a husband and father, relishing the time that he spends with his family. An avid backpacker and outdoorsman, he spends a great deal of time in the mountains, forests, and along the beaches in his native Pacific Northwest. To unwind, he prefers playing online games with his friends or dabbling in numerous artistic mediums. In addition to fiction and non-fiction writing projects, Jeffrey is hard at work on the upcoming documentary series, "Sacred Nature.

Jeffrey Pierce. Magick isn't a series of words, actions, and materials that bend natural laws and warp mundane reality.

The Witches’ Pyramid- Four Principles of Successful Magick

It doesn't provide us with a blank check with which to detail how we want the events of our world to play out. The secret? We've never needed magick to be any of that. We are intensely powerful beings composed of the same material that is at the heart of all Creation. In order to grow, evolve, and move toward our deeper calling and the power it holds, when we were born into this lifetime we accepted certain illusionary limitations that prevent us from embracing the fullness of our spiritual identity.


Meanwhile, others simply pray to the Divine, hoping that things will change. We dare to trust in our own ability to create change. Water is the element of the unknown, mysteries, initiation, the Astral Plane and even death. In order to create change, we must focus the mind, we need to visualize our goal and with our willpower we set our intentions on the energy we raise. Fire is the element that allows us to create and to apply our power in the world.

8. Standards and Principles of Practicing Night Magick

We have the fuel and fire is our gift to do something with that fuel. Beyond magick, our willpower reveals who we are.

Willpower is the drive to overcome challenges in life and pursue our goals. Magick is about belief and directing its energy through the mind.

THE 7 HERMETIC PRINCIPLES: Principles for Transformation ….

Non-believers can tarnish that knowledge. This principle is associated with the element of Earth. Earth energy is slow, but steady, it deals with security and manifestation. Just as the Earth is patient, we too must be patient with our endeavors.


Magick in Theory and Practice - Introduction and Theorems

As long as we maintain some secrecy, Magick will manifest. However, as the philosophy has grown in popularity this fifth point has become rather common. Different practitioners have varying ideas of its meaning. Some include the Wiccan Rede as the fifth point. Spirit links the four elements together, keeping them together, yet separate and distinct at the same time.

It calls for us to go beyond understanding the four points of the pyramid and apply them in life. When we do this, we begin to bring our lives into balance. As a result, just as Spirit is greater its parts, that balance brings us even greater wisdom and insight.

However, it is also so much more. Personally, being a Witch has been my way of life. Magick is everywhere; it bleeds into mundane life.

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  • For me, I discovered I could use these ideas to live a more balanced life. Above all, Witchcraft is the path of an eternal student. And the lessons I learn are a part of every aspect of my life. Witchcraft can be overwhelming, but there is also a sense of wonder as we learn, these are my ten biggest tips for beginners. Witchcraft is commonly defined as the practice of magick. Orion the Witch is a blog I started as a way to share my path as a pagan witch.

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