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This is made possible by an extraordinary, unique exterior and interior layout. With its two cabin design, the VISION 42 is the ideal yacht for couples who wish to stay on board for far longer than just a weekend. Enjoying life on the water simply should not remain a mere vision. This yacht is made for people who want to stay on board for long periods of time without compromising any luxuries.

The VISION 46 has space for everything you like to have with you when sailing in both the two cabin and three cabin versions. In sailing yachts the deck is reinforced with aluminium sheets where fittings are mounted. Mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, chestnut or Ocean Line — a BAVARIA offers individuality and an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable, no matter what type of wood you have chosen.


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Before fitting and hatch assembly on deck, the milling and drilling has to be completed. This requires hundreds of individual operations that are already predefined in the development phase of a yacht, and then optimised. The aim of this automation process was and is to reach a consistently high quality with continuous improvement in productivity.

Precise arrangement of the deck openings is crucial in ensuring subsequent sealing. Length 29' - 42' 42' - 49' 49' - 55'. Innovations in the development of looms contributed to increasing the supply of woven fabric, including fabric made of very fine thread such as silk. The frames of early silk fabric kites resembled the mast and stay above decks of sailing ships.

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  4. Development and advances in kite designs capable of lifting increased weight formed the basis of early airplane wing development. By the latter 20th century, a few boat builders adapted airplane wing profiles to wind-driven sail boats to increase sailing speed. Adapting airplane wing profile below the water surface provides the basis for further hydrofoil vessel development, improved kinetic ferry propulsion and improved rudder performance, by increasing the dynamic pressure difference between the upstream and downstream sides of these components.

    A recent aeronautical innovation offers the potential to further increase the pressure difference. A hobbyist installed a transverse-axis paddle wheel into the top side of wings attached to a powered scale-model aircraft. While the paddle-cylinder propelled the aircraft forward, it allowed the wing rear flap to point down at an extreme angle, with the air stream remaining in contact with the flap upper surface. Other airplane model builders have combined conventional propeller propulsion with airstream activated rotating cylinders installed into the upper side of the wings.

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    While in flight, the rotating cylinders allow the wing rear flaps to be adjusted to beyond the stall angle on a conventional model airplane. Each rotating cylinder redirected the airstream boundary layer to remain in contact with the steeply angled flap and allowing for low speed flight. Pairs of wind-activated counter-rotating cylinders would have possible application above the deck of a wind-powered ship while water-stream activated rotating cylinders could have future application being designed into future hydrofoils.

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    The concept may also have application on boat rudders as well as propulsion rudders applied to water-current propelled kinetic ferry vessels. Sails, airfoil-sails and wind activated Magnus rotors are well proven in maritime propulsion. Airfoils that function as boat sails represent aeronautical design precedent adapted to maritime application.

    The paddle-wheel-in wing concept provides a basis to install small-diameter Magnus rotors into each side of an airfoil-sail, to direct a wind stream over the shadow side surface while the airfoil-sail would be adjusted to an extreme angle.

    The difference in air pressure between the sides of the sail produces propulsion. Aeronautical innovation provides the precedent for such a result, with potential to either increase wind-powered vessel sailing speed or to enable the vessel to de designed to sail with heavier payload. Ship and boat designers may undertake further innovative research into combining foil-sails with twin vertical-axis counter-rotating cylinders to enhance wind-powered vessel propulsion.