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The California chapter of the National Association of Social Workers provides users with career resources, degree information and professional development links.

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Interested in what the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes has to say about social worker career? This overview page is a good starting point. Learn why U. Salary and education information are included on the page. Designed for job seekers and employers, this career portal backed by The New Social Worker magazine has updated job postings, articles and resources. Start searching now. Curious about social work careers, education and laws? Take this true-or-false quiz to test your knowledge and learn new information about the field.

Support those who serve while building your career as a clinical social worker. Looking for resume inspiration? Check out the sample resume of a social worker on Monster. Tips and templates available.

The Princeton Review provides a thorough explanation on what you can expect in this helping profession. For a clear explanation on what it means to be a social worker, look no further than Help Starts Here from the National Association of Social Workers. A brief article explores the various layers of the profession.

Search for jobs, volunteer opportunities and internships. Use idealist. Find everything you need to know from the Association of Social Work Boards. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes pay, job outlook and other detailed career information about social workers. Find straightforward career information about child, family and school social workers. Topics include grief, self assessment and self-care. A staffing agency dedicated specifically to the field of social work, Social Work p. Find featured jobs and other resources.

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Start your social work career on the right foot before you graduate. Prepping for the social work licensing exam? Make this your first stop. Social Work Test Prep has free practice tests, study guides and tips. You can even connect with others in your area. The U. Air Force provides employment opportunities for clinical social workers interested in helping Airmen and their families. Check the site for qualification requirements. Find study materials, practice exams and more.

Scan this bulleted list of social work history facts from the National Association of Social Workers. Learn how it all started and find out who the trailblazers were. Co-authored by a community organizer and social work professor, this Huffington Post article examines the roots of social work and how community-based practices can be implemented today.

How did social work develop? When did it change? Women have always been major contributors to social work practice. In this quick read by the University of Southern California, learn more about the 9 most influential women in the history of social work, from Jane Addams to Senator Barbara Mikulski. A comprehensive source with solid references. This minute video explores social justice and the beginnings of social work in the U.

The video outlines historical figures, child labor, hospital social work and important moments in history. The slide deck looks at the evolution of the profession in the Philippines, Europe and the U. Start your journey in thanks to this quick history lesson.

Browse their site for useful research studies. Tap into the many research resources culled together by the University of New England. Anyone entering the social work profession should have an understanding of the National Center for Social Work Research Act of This page from the Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis provides background. Have a look at past surveys about social work income, demographics and other related topics.

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As a leader in research, the Council on Social Work Education has a clear stance on research integrity in social work. Read about responsible conduct, peer reviews and publication practices, among other topics. Boasting more than , members, the National Association of Social Workers promotes professional development, sets professional standards and works in advocacy.

Membership includes access to journals and discounts on training. Become a member and connect with others in the field, enjoy discounts on publications and set up a profile. Founded in the s, the National Association of Black Social Workers is committed to advocacy, research and human services. The site includes facts on membership, local chapters and careers. With seven chapters across the country, the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care aims to provide continuing education, mentorships and support to its members. Read news, visit the career center and access resources about programs and practice standards.

By becoming a member, you join an active organization that promotes cultural activities and runs immigration law workshops. Using conferences, newsletters and networking, the National Organization of Forensic Social Work works to promote advancement in the field. A unique aspect of the social work profession, forensics allows you to work with law makers and in the criminal justice system. Join SSWR and attend the annual conference, access job postings and more.

Membership is open to students and professionals. For fascinating interviews and comprehensive information on social worker, become a regular listener of the Social Work Podcast hosted by Jonathan Singer, Ph.

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In , Frontline created a 3-minute film showcasing young people who were positively impacted by social workers. Visit the site to view the latest uploads. Hear from social workers in the field and get tips on interviewing. Get a deeper understanding of social work with these videos produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Topics include children and families and adult services. View testimonial videos from social workers around the country. School Social Work with Grieving Children. The purpose of the research reported in this article was to advance understanding of the work of school social workers with grieving students. This research was aimed at answering the following question: What are school social workers' experiences working with grieving children? There were two steps in this study. Fifty-nine school social workers…. Purpose: Within the framework of Health Promoting Schools "Up" is an intervention using a whole school approach aimed at promoting mental health by strengthening social and emotional competence among schoolchildren.

Social and emotional competence is an integral part of many school -based mental health interventions but only a minority of…. Evidence from a Social Experiment in Harlem. Harlem Children's Zone HCZ , which combines community investments with reform minded charter schools , is one of the most ambitious social experiments to alleviate poverty of our time. We provide the first empirical test of the causal impact of HCZ on educational outcomes, with an eye toward informing the long-standing debate whether schools alone….


The purpose of this study was to investigate specific social and musical objectives or experiences school music teachers anticipate their students will achieve as a result of attending a summer music camp. A survey instrument was developed to collect demographic data and responses to questions regarding 14 specific musical and social variables. Schooling and Social Achievement. Until the s schooling in Korea was looked upon quite favorably as a means of achieving equal social and economic opportunities.

In the s, however, many began to raise the question of whether the expansion of educational opportunities really did reduce social inequalities.

This report discusses research that analyzes available evidence…. This study aimed to explore commonalities among discrimination, stereotyping, and peer-related social experiences of children of immigrants, and to see if these experiences might relate to children's school -based well-being. Two age-based cohorts of children and their immigrant parents from Portugal, the Dominican Republic, and Cambodia were….

Schools are important settings that can be utilized to yield a positive impact on youth and the many issues our society faces. In this Presidential Address, I identify key issues and directions for the field, advocating that we need to expand our ecological focus, improve school climate, and collaborate with schools to effect change.

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Challenges and future directions to build upon community psychology theory, research, practice, and policy are discussed. Experiences of university students living with mental health problems: Interrelations between the self, the social , and the school.

laesicandsouffnomb.tk A university education is becoming ever-more important in preparing for employment in the knowledge-driven economy. Yet, many university students are not able to complete their degrees because they experience mental health problems during the course of their higher education. Despite the growing numbers of students seeking help, there is limited knowledge about the issues that these students face. The purpose of this study was to understand the range of individual, interpersonal, and environmental factors that affect the lives of university students living with mental health problems.

The study was based at a large public university in Canada. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 19 students with self-identified mental health problems. Their narratives were analyzed using grounded theory methods and a model was developed which drew upon social -ecological theory.