Manual Typhoon Season

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This allows businesses to suspend non-essential work more quickly, along with other service shut-off points that need to be communicated with overseas headquarters and clients. The impact of a typhoon is highly dependent on several factors, and managers that plan accordingly can significantly reduce their exposure to risk.

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Related services Are your factories environmentally compliant? Related reading June 20, November 17, If the shoes are wet, get shredded newspaper and place inside to dry the shoes quickly. You will have to face to face with the risk of getting wet at any time while traveling in typhoon season. So you should choose the compact and simple clothes like a tank top, shorts or skirts instead of jeans or heavy knitted jacket. In addition, you should also bring the costumes that have easy dry material. Something terrible may always happen while you are traveling.

List of Pacific typhoon seasons - Wikipedia

So, your best advice is to stay within your hotel neighborhood. You can find some fun indoor in the nearby recreational complex, for example, window shopping, going to the theater, and watching movies. If you are lucky, your areas may be just slightly affected, only rain in the early morning or late at night. Therefore, you still have most of the day to explore the top-rated tourist attractions.

Remember to check the weather forecast before you go outside and always bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you. If unfortunately you have been isolated in the storm, first you need to keep calm, find a safe position and look for the assistance of local people.

In case you are stuck on an island, notify your family or agencies, listen to information and instructions from the authorities, do not arbitrarily move and wisely choose appropriate solutions. If traveling with a tour, you absolutely can follow the instructions of the tour guide. They have a lot of experiences in these cases.

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Please comply with the instructions of local officials, to help you ensure safety when the storm comes. In the mountainous region, the road can become muddy and slippery, so motorbikes are not a great option while traveling by car is safe only when the drivers are accustomed to the road. Make sure your moving vehicle has safety standards, good brake, tires have enough grip, the car lights bright enough, the turn signal is still working and full of gasoline.

An Early Start to the 12222 Typhoon Season: Category 2 Wutip Heads Towards Guam

Of those events, just one a tropical storm occurred in February, making it the most placid month of the year on average. Twin cyclones straddling the equator, like we are seeing today with Wutip and Oma, typically occur two or three times a year, most often in the Indian Ocean. Occasionally the trades even switch direction, in assocation with westerly wind bursts WWBs that can propagate along the equator.

These winds lead to enhanced spin on both sides of the equator, as they help to foster counterclockwise rotation in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise rotation in the Southern Hemisphere. If twin cyclones do develop, their circulations can feed back into the very WWB that helped them to form, until the cyclones migrate to higher latitudes.


A strong westerly wind burst developed in mid-February near the International Date Line, hand in hand with the gradual development of Wutip and Oma. Remember my equatorial Rossby wave tweet about the tropical W Pacific? Well we now how twin tropical cyclones on both sides of the equator. The N.

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The S. See the article by Jonathan Belles at weather. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM. Bob Henson.

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